Family-First Business? YES!

At BizAssist we pride ourselves in putting family FIRST?

Families have been responsible for rolling out history.

There is very little that has occurred in mankind's timeline that in some way hasn't involved 'family'. So we like to celebrate and honour this wonderful organic collective.

When we talk to potential staff, we love to see their expression when we explain that our Family First policy means if you cannot show up, or will be late or need to leave early, or even need to make a very long phone call to a family member - we approve.

As a mother of 3 children I longed for a boss who understood parenting doesn't stop when you are at work. Just to have the freedom to clock off and deal with a situation in the moment would have relieved me of MUCH stress.

Well, now I like to offer that flexibility to my staff as an incentive to give to their families as much as they give to their job. The work will always eventually get done, but the family is precious to us.

Work / Life Balance