Cloud Accounting - what is it?

Everyone is talking about Clouds! What are they and are they secure?

The 2 most common questions regarding Cloud software...

Firstly, if you remember the old mainframe concept in computing, it is just the same, but on a MUCH larger scale. Your work is located in a different location than where you physically are engaging with your computer/device. Whether that be 10 feet away, as in the example of mainframes, or 10,000 miles away, does it really matter from a user experience? We think not.

Secondly, need we worry about the security? Most governments now have strict laws in place to cope with cyber-crimes, plus software providers have security and encryption as a top priority. So, as a user of these systems we can feel rest assured that there are many systems in place to keep your data just as secure as the old ledger books locked away in a cupboard.

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