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Keeping Your Paperwork Tidy

January 31, 2017

Your business paperwork can seem overwhelming but like anything, a simple system can be the world of difference. Try even colour coding too! That can add an element of fun to a bland task of filing! 

Not sure best filing method - here's a few tips:


  1. Separate supplier invoices from all other paperwork and file them in a Leverarch folder with A-Z dividers. Then whenever you need to look up a purchase invoice 'Pronto' it's as easy as ABC!

  2. Sales Invoices are normally digital nowadays, but make sure you keep them for the whole financial year in their own 'virtual' folder. 

  3. Payroll records can go in another Leverarch Folder with dividers for each employee, the payrun summarys and super reports.

  4. Lastly, the most important Folder - what we call the 'Bank Folder'. Collect all your Bank Statements (including your Credit Card), your merchant summary statements, your BAS/ ATO correspondence and WorkCover documents. Use blank dividers to file all these in their own spot and label clearly. This folder has all your important business info in it and you can hold it in one hand! Easy :


Keep it simple to keep you smiling ;)

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